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Lash Styling

Classic tints
Eyelashes and eyebrows tinted with RefectoCil Classic tints simply look better! The lashes appear clearly longer and more voluminous, as the tinting accentuates the full length of the lashes faded by sun and water. Light brows can be accentuated by a dark tint; dark brows can be lightened to match dyed blond hair or to be co-ordinated in brightness and color with any hair color.

Sensitive tints
With RefectoCil Sensitive, eyebrows and eyelashes are colored safely and mildly with plantbased tints. No other coloring treatment for eyebrows and eyelashes is this gentle. RefectoCil Sensitive is silver nitrate based. Silver nitrate is much softer and safer than the oxidative tints.

Eyelash Curl
RefectoCil Eyelash Curl gives your lashes a wonderful curl. Letting the eyes appear larger and more expressive. At the same time the eyelashes are nourished.  Unlike mechanical lash curlers RefectoCil Eyelash Perm gently forms the eyelashes with the curl. It lasts up to 6 weeks. The application is simple, safe and takes about 45 minutes. With the choice of 4 different roller sizes you can achieve the perfect eyelash curvature, independent of eyelash length or eyelash form.