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What is Eyelash Adhesive?

To put it simple, eyelash adhesive is the glue that binds false eyelashes to your eyelids. But what is that glue actually made of that we use on one of the most sensitive parts of our face? The majority of eyelash adhesives contain water, rubber latex and cellulose gum and sometimes other additives. Cellulose gum is used as the essential ingredient in adhesives and is hypo-allergenic and nontoxic, rubber latex is a natural or synthetically made compound that can cause allergic reactions in some people. Choosing the right eyelash adhesive is just as important as choosing the right eyelashes, as it will hold them in place without leaving any visible residue, making your eyes look naturally gorgeous.

At Eyelashwishes we distinguish between three main kinds of eyelash adhesive:

  1. individual eyelash glue
  2. strip lash glue
  3. latex free eyelash adhesive for latex sensitive eyes.

Which adhesive is best for individual lashes?

The adhesive used for individual lashes is non-water soluble and can hold the individual lashes in place for a maximum of six weeks. To ensure a long lasting bond, oil based make up remover should be avoided on the eye area, when using individual lashes.This adhesive is available in clear or dark, whereas the clear formula is used best to create a natural make up look with beautiful lush eyelashes, perfect for people with fair skin and light eyelashes. Thebestseller among our adhesives, the dark formula acts like an eyeliner, adding extra volume to your lashesand creating an illusion of gorgeously groomed, plump eyelashes.The adhesives are available in little tubes or small glass vials with an applicator to attach the glue directly to the individual lashes. However, some of our customers prefer to drip a few drops of adhesive intoa small bowl or onto a piece of aluminium foil andt hen dip the lashes carefully in the glue, holding them with a pair of tweezers. Regardless of which method you prefer, you should always wait for about ten seconds for the glue to set ,before attaching the lashes to your lids! Using an eyelash strip adhesive for individual eyelashes is not recommended, as they probably will not even last a whole day!

Which adhesive is best for strip eyelashes?

When using strips of eyelashes, we recommend using water-soluble glue, which can easily be removed at the end of the day using a conventional makeup remover.At Eyelashwishes you can choose between different strengths of eyelash adhesive for strip eyelashes,depending on your own preferences and uses of the lashes, ranging from normal strength glue that comes with every purchase of Baci eyelashes, to our strongest glue by Mario Giussani.Naturally, the strip eyelash adhesive also comes in clear and dark, whereas the clear version, which is white before it has dried, makes an even and smooth application easier. The dark glue on the other hand,works like an eyeliner and intensifies the roots of the eyelashes, creating voluptuous eyelashes.The adhesives are available in little tubes or small glass vials that come with a little brush, to attach the glue directly to the lash strips.It is highly recommended to always wait for about 20 seconds for the glue to set, before attaching the lashes to your lids! Using an adhesive for individual lashes for eyelashstrips eyelashes is not recommended!