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Eyelash Perming and Tinting

Eyelash perming: a service your clients will love!

Va-va-voom lashes. Everyone wants them, but how easy is it to get? Forget telling your customers to coat on layers of mascara or apply eyeliner in the most strategic way possible. Now you can introduce them to eyelash perms, the ultimate eyelash enhancing treatment that provides a long-lasting curl and a fuller, more voluminous look for 6 weeks. Perfect for going hand in hand with eyelash tinting, eyelash perm treatments cater to the growing desire of women to have picture-perfect lashes at all times. And with the product cost being only $2, you can charge up to $50 for the treatment, ensuring you get the most of your money.

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refectocil eyelash perm kit

Eyelash perming is safe and easy to learn

The treatment, which is completely safe, only takes 45 minutes, and is effortless for you as a salon owner to learn, works to gently form the lashes in a curl shape with the help of collagen and cysteine. Customers get to choose from 4 different roller sizes to ensure that they choose the right curvature for their specific lifestyle and taste. Best part? The eyelashes are nourished at the same time they’re being lengthened and made to look fuller, so your customers can rest assure that they’re doing all good and no harm to their new luscious lashes. RefectoCil Eyelash Perm combines the nurturing benefits of collagen with the long-lasting protection of the amino acid cysteine to offer groomed, full lashes. Not only can you offer customers a relaxing hand or foot massage as they wait 20 minutes for the Neutralizer to work its magic, but your salon can also sell the eyelash conditioner to customers as an after-care product.

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